Can't No One Bring Me Down

by Jen Miller

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Can't No One Bring Me Down is the title of the album because no matter what obstacles stand in my way I'm gonna keep pressing on no matter what. I'm doing what I love and that makes me happy. That's all I can ask for right now.

This album is about life, my journey, past love and longing for love but having walls that are hard to tear down. It's touches on topics like mental health. People battle with things in their heads and some people win and some don't. It's a hard truth but we need to talk about it openly.

I have a mix of country, folk and pop on this album. I find it hard to stick to one genre as I love them all. I hope that there's something for everyone on this album. :)


released April 29, 2015

All songs written by Jen Miller
Co Produced by Ross Billard and Jen Miller

Lead Vocals – Jen Miller
Back Up Vocals on Say The Words and Looking Back and Let It Go - Chelsea Amber and Ross Billard
Back Up Vocals on Be With You and Painted Heart –Ryan Willigar
Back Up Vocals on Let Me Know – Ross Billard and Bruce Dixon

Acoustic Guitar – Jen Miller except for Painted Heart
Electric Guitar , percussion, keyboards and acoustic leads– Ross Billard
Bass – Bruce Dixon on Say The Words, Till Death Do Us Part, Be With You, Country Heart, Let It Go, Painted Heart, Looking Back and Let Me Know
Bass – Lewis “Lefty” Campbell on Can’t No One Bring Me Down, Going To The Country and What I Need
Mandolin – Jen Miller
Drums – “Tubs” MacAvoy
Fiddle – Luke Munroe
Accordion – Joe Skwaeze



all rights reserved


Jen Miller Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Jen, originally from NS, found that while living in Vancouver she could go for what she truly loves. Music. After recording her album You and I she was determined to bring it back home to where it all began.
So she hopped on a train, played her way across the country and did an eastern Canadian tour. Now back on the east coast Jen's really making herself know in the musical community.
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Track Name: Looking Back
Verse 1
Every time I start moving on I think of where it all went wrong
And I cant help but see your face in my mind
Those eyes of yours that would turn head their way
That smile would brighten up my whole day
And I can't help but wondering where you're at

Pre chorus
Remember the time
Back when you were mine

Looking back, looking back
You'd look me in the eyes
The world stood still and there was no time
Looking Back

Verse 2
That first kiss that made my body shake
I never found someone who made me feel that way
How am I supposed to move on
You ruined the touch of any other man
It even feels funny when they're holding my hand
You don't even know what you've done to me

Pre chorus

Well I'd give anything to be back inside those arms
Holding me so tight back when you were mine
Looking back

Track Name: Be With You
Well I've been meaning to stop and talk to you
Let yo in on what it is I'm going through
Seems to me though that you are always there
Always around me everywhere that I go

And I see that you're holding me
You're grip is tight and you wont let me go no you wont let me go
And I feel like I slipped away
From your grasp but I know that can't be true
Cause I will always be with you yea


I let my doubt come in and take control
Leaving me downcast and all alone
Taking on the world like it's mine to take
But pursuing that is just a big mistake yea just a big mistake

Track Name: Can't No One Bring Me Down
Can’t no one bring me down
I’ve got my head in the clouds but my feet on the ground
You say you couldn’t live life my way
But I’m happier now then most people can say
Ohh oh ohhh ohhh ohhhhh
I’m happier now livin life my way

Time on earth’s precious like a stone
You work real hard towards the unknown
You never know which day will be your last
So don’t wish it away cause time goes to fast
Ohhh ohhh ohhhh ohhhh
You never know which day will be your last

I get scared when life seems too much
But I move on and I get back up
I’ll give it all till I’m old and grey
Till my bones get tired and I’ve got nothing to say

I’ve moved away when I was 24
With my guitar in hand and not much more
I worked dead end jobs till I was 33
And that’s when it finally dawned on me
Ohhh ohhh ohh oh oh oh
I worked dead end jobs till I was 33

I knew I had something more to say
Then “hello Sir How can I help you today”
So I hopped a train towards the eastern skies
Through the valleys and the mountain side
Ohhhh ohh ohh oh oh oh
I hopped a train towards the eastern sky

I found myself back in my home town
And as I stepped outside the rain was pouring down
I don’t know where I’m gonna go from here
But the feeling’s good and the path is clear.
Ohhh ohhh ohh oh oh
The feeling's good and the path is clear
Track Name: Painted Heart
Over and over I look at my life as I see my reflection I see that my eyes are tired and I’m starting to fade
I know that I’m here but I feel like a sketch of an old finger painting that’s been left at a busy bus stop and nobody knows I’m here
Will you find me and take me up into your arms and give me something more then this painted heart and give a reason to walk right out from this page

But I wanna see the sky so blue
I wanna take on something new
Oh erase what I have pull me a part and give me something more then this painted heart

Love takes a while and I’ve given it time and now all I can do is just kindly decline
And send them on their way
Maybe I’m wrong but it helps with the pain of another one leaving my heart in a strain
Oh these walls that I have are securely in place


Take all the lines and define all the parts of a brush that is taking my life through its art and all I can do is just wait till it’s finally done
You see we are the art in our life is the hands, as we walk through the pages it unravels the path that we are going and no one can make that change.

Chorus and some OOOhhhss
Track Name: Let Me Know
Where do you go for comfort?
When you've had a stressful day
Do you unload on a stranger?
Or do you drink your cares away?

How do you keep on going?
When you feel all hope is gone
Do you give up on yourself?
Because the journey seems to long

I've seen some win the battle
I've seen some who have lost
They think that it's not worth
And fight with all they got

Others find that crying can lighten up their load
So if you need a crying shoulder
Just call and let me know

Let me know let me know
Track Name: Let It Go
You’re not getting any younger that’s what they always say
Go out and find yourself someone and give your heart away
Don’t think too much about it just take a chance on love
And maybe someone will surprise you and be just what you’ve been dreaming of.

Maybe I have hid my heart away. I have kept it close
Cause all the other ones that held it tight turned around and let it go
It is hard to let your guard down when love seems so out of reach
So if I give it to you one day will you keep it in one piece?

Oh I I I I I wanna let it go
Yea I I I I I wanna let it go

I have thought about forever but I’m living in the now
So if you wanna be in my life you just need to be around
To hold my hand and tell me today you will be mine
And tomorrow we can figure out all the rest of it in time

Oh I I I I I wanna let it go
Yea I I I I I wanna let it go
It is hard to let your guard down when love seems so out of reach
So if I give it to you one day will you keep it in one piece?
if I give it to you one day will you keep it in one piece?

I can’t remember the last time that I tried to let go of these memories that haunt me deep inside
But I have this feeling if I open up my heart I can trust you with the pieces
I can trust you with the pieces
And all the broken parts

Track Name: Country Heart
She puts her housecoat on as she starts a brand new day
And gives thanks to Lord above for the sun on her face
Cause its cold outside and the winter there's been long
But that big yellow ball in the sky's got her singing her song

She's got three grown children and a husband there at home
They retired in the country and they love being on their own
They sit out on the porch in the summer nights and talk
Its been 42 year and when they hold hands they still feel that spark

And love has gotten them this far
And love will take em on home
And they have every thing they could need
Right there in each others arms
A love that's rooted deep
In my mama and daddies country heart

It was 1969 when their eyes first met
They were 16 years of age when their hearts were set
On a life long love that would have its shares of trials
But at the end of the day they would go to bed with a smile


And life goes by so fast
So hold on to something that will last
It might not be easy
It might be hard
But with out love we'd be torn apart
That's why I'm grateful for my mama and daddies country heart
Track Name: Till Death Do Us Part
Another late night I'm on the bus heading home
To an empty apartment
Another night all alone
I think about the times you filled the space in my heart
Now I'm thinking of you all alone dark

Some times I am happy being on stage
Singing songs about love and watching life turn its page
I've kept my distance from things of the heart
But what I wouldn't give to go back to the start

And I'd trade it in for that Sunday morning paper
You'll read to me while I'm doing my hair
And when we are 80 and the only way to stand and not fall
Is your hand in mine together till do us part

I remember the time we took a walk in the fall
All the leaves were changing and the trees were so tall
I couldn't imagine a day without you
I had hope for the future a love so brand new

Four years later and some time on the road you couldn't handle me gone you felt like you were alone
You said that you loved me but you couldn't stay
You said I needed to choose by the end of the day


Years have gone by and I still think of that night
I wonder how things would be had I not said good bye
I've written some songs with you on my mind
I hope you found love
Wish it was be by your side

And I wanna go back in time
Trade it all in for your hand in mine
And the things you would say if I hadn't walked away
That night when I said good bye

Track Name: Say The Words
You and me
Ain't it funny
How after all these years you'd come back to me
I never guessed that you'd be standing
In the middle of my living room with this feeling in my chest

Pre chours
I don't know what your bout to say
But I just need to know
So say the words that you came here to say to me tonight
Say the words and I'll come running
I'll come running back oh back to you

Take your time,
After all that we've been through
It's our night tonight
I feel your heart and I know the past is past
I wanna move on to the next chapter and make this one last

Pre chorus

You know I've always loved you and you know I always will
So take my hand and be my man you know I'll understand

Track Name: Going To The Country
I wanna hit the open highway and take a fighting chance
Leave this all behind me and not take a second glance
At all the things that haunt me and the things deep in my past
I wanna head out to the country and live my life at last

I wanna head out to the country
I wanna breathe in country air
I wanna live in blue jeans and T Shirts
I wanna see what it would be like out there
You see I'm living in the city
And it's been too much for me
So wont you take me to the country
And we'll live a life so free

The winters here are cloudy
Oh and the rain is getting old,
I wanna see snow flakes all around me
I wanna feel the winters cold
And I wanna see the seasons changing
And I wanna feel that crisp cold air

Be it Winter, Summer, Spring or Fall
I just wanna get me there


Wouldn't it be nice to take a long drive
Oh look at the open sky Repeat

Take me to the country Repeat