You And I

by Jen Miller

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JEN MILLER is a name that you should get used to hearing around the Maritimes. This singer /songwriter and multi instrumentalist just returned to her home roots after spending many years on that other Coast. In Vancouver she recorded her debut Album ' YOU and I'. This album shows heart, emotion, and honesty, giving the listener an insight into this artists spiritual journey through life , love and a longing for home. This album is easy to get caught in your head requiring listening, time and time again.

JEN MILLERS presence is increasing on a weekly basis, as folks are rediscovering her music. You can find her at local Open Mics, the Halifax Farmers Market and venues around Halifax. If you want to hear her up close and personal contact her for your next House or Kitchen Party.


released August 8, 2012

All songs written by Jen Miller
Studios include: Echoplant Studio, The Hive and Rain City Records
Produced by: Jen Miller
Engineered and Mixed by: Curtis Buckoll
Mastered by Stu McKillop

Vocals, acoustic guitar, Cajon, Shaker, glockenspiel and tambourine: Jen Miller
Drums: Curtis Buckoll
Bass: Joel Shinness
Lead Guitar: Anthony Ellendt
Violin: Ken Cade
Electric on The One: Ryan Worsley
Electric on Every Breath: Jen Miller



all rights reserved


Jen Miller Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Jen, originally from NS, found that while living in Vancouver she could go for what she truly loves. Music. After recording her album You and I she was determined to bring it back home to where it all began.
So she hopped on a train, played her way across the country and did an eastern Canadian tour. Now back on the east coast Jen's really making herself know in the musical community.
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Track Name: On My Own
Everybody sees something different in me
And I'm trying to figure out who I wanna be
And I'm living day to day
I've got no plans a week from now
I've got my friends and my guitar and I'm getting by somehow

And I don't need much
I've got Vancouver shies and the oceans touch

And I get by on my own
Yea I get by on my own
It's been a long time since there was someone
A long time since I've loved
And I get by on my own

You asked me where did I go wrong
But it's clear to me from the lyrics of this song
That there's nowhere else that I'd rather be
Then sittin hear surrounded by this beautiful sea
Track Name: Say
There comes a time when the seasons change and everything doesn't look the same
When a cool breeze blows through your hair and you see a smile and you feel a stare

Pre Chorus
Oh your stomach's in knots and to your surprise
He catches your eye and he starts to walk
You don't know who he is but he's coming your way
And everything becomes a haze

Oh say, say that you'll come
And I will run like I've never done
And say, say that you'll stay
Never look back and take me away

Dreams are like diamonds precious and rare
And I found perfection in one little stare
And you don't care about time and meaningless things
Cause he's all that you wanted so your heart starts to sing

Oh your stomach's in knots and to your surprise
He catches your eye and he starts to walk
You don't know who he is but he's coming your way
And everything becomes a haze
Track Name: You And I
Am I as far as I think I am?
Am I on the outside lookin in?
Did I take your hands and nail them down?
Did I smear your name upon the ground?
Can I take back all the things I said?
Am I too far gone and better off dead?
Is there anything that i can say to come back to to you?

I hope you know that I wanted You to be right by my side
I hope You see that i was weak but now I want what's right
You by my side
You and I

Can you take me back to the the time when I sang you song all through the night
When I gave you everything I had
When you took the good times with the bad
I just wanna get back to the place when I'd wake up and I'd see your face
And I know that I'd make it through the day
Cause I'd have you
To see me through

You gave me everything I could ever need
You made me better cause I believed
And I walked away, yea I walked away,
Oh I walked away, I walked away

Track Name: Those Days
When i was a little girl i dreamed of how my life would be
What kind of job would i have and would i have a family
I'd play it out in my head, a daydream child like fantasy
A perfect though in my mind thinking of how my life will be
And now that i am older I wait for another bill to show And I'm on the other side of the country so far away from home
And there's no man in my house hold i guess i haven't found the one The one i made up in my mind when I was young

Take me back to the days when I was young and i'd run and play When there were no worries or cares in the world take me back to those days

Summers would be better if my brothers were around
We'd jam all night with our guitars and sing Oh so loud
And mom and dad they'd join in and it only seemed right
Since they're the one's who planted the music deep inside

Track Name: The One
He take the time to say "you're beautiful what's your name"?
And then you laugh as he says "we should go on a date"
Holding hands and makin plans and then here come the kiss
You get weak knees and fall to your feet and then you know you're his
The butterflies inside are so strong you cannot hide
The way that you feel, this time it is real, you know you can't deny
This one, is the one, the one you've been waiting for
The kind of guy who wont run and hide
He's always on you mind and..

He says that he's never felt this way before
He says that you are all that he adores
And you love the way he surprises you with gifts
And you feel his love every time you kiss

He takes you by the hand, says I'l forever be your guy
i wont let you down, I'll be around until the end of time
He gets down on one knee and says without you he feels less
You start to cry and kneel down beside and whisper the words yes and..

He takes away all the stereotypical things that they say
Your heart is safe with him cause you know that things will always be this way

Track Name: Beautiful Feet
He's close but you can't see
He's there when you're in need
You're tired and you feel the weight and you fall down to your knees
You're weak but wont give in
Tired but you wont sleep
Cause there's more to do then lay here in defeat

Time can wear you down when you've fallen to the ground
You need a helping hand, someone who understands

Pre Chorus
But life can turn around when someone calms you down
And helps you on your way and takes the time to say

You are beautiful to me
You have beautiful feet
So walk on, walk to oh the life you have in me
Oh walk on, walk on with your beautiful feet

People come and go
Affections are like snow
They melt or go away
They never seem to stay
Your heart has taken on more the you let on
I see it in you eyes cause that sparkle is gone

Pre chorus
Track Name: Come Back
Time to get back the flame the one that's off and distant
Returning to it's true form the one that's so persistent
I've been dead and gone for a while I shook the hand of evil
I went down to the depths and felt something so real

Time to get me back up, get me back up on my two feet again
Time to get me back up, get me back up on my two feet again

Words can grab a hold of you and wear you to the bone
Making you feel frail and thinking your all alone

Live your life to the fullest, surround yourself with friends
Make everything around you as fun as you can
Live your life with grace and give to those in need
Don't judge or you'll be judged be a planter of good seed

Track Name: Every Breath
Take these hands that these wounds
All I have I give to you
All my life I've let you down
Now hear I am I wanna be with you now

Pre Chorus
Everyone says that I'm wasting my time
If I don't come right now I might fall deeper inside

Take these eyes so I can see
Hold me close and be with me
Everything I want is in you
Give me life and fill these lungs with a sweeter song then I've ever sung
Every breath I breath is for you

In my heart I've made a place for you to come with a sweet embrace
I'm on my knees with a thankful heart
Crying out to you wherever you are

Pre Chorus
Track Name: I've Got It All
Seems like your amused at the way I fall
Do you have something to say about the way things are
Do ya disagree that i have something you don't
And you ask yourself why

I've got it all and you'll be sorry
Cause every time I fall i see more of the story
You can hate the world and tear it down
But in the end you'll see that,
All this time
You were way out of line

Do you need me to write it down?
Can you understand?
That the way you look at me has no effect on the way I am
You can stare me down and I wont hesitate