Can't No One Bring Me Down

by Jen Miller

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    Brand new album by Jen Miller.
    releases 29 April 2015

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Looking Back
Be With You
Painted Heart
Can't No One Bring Me Down
Let Me Know
Let It Go
Till Death Do Us Part
Say The Words
Going To The Country


Can't No One Bring Me Down is the title of the album because no matter what obstacles stand in my way or how many people tell me my music can't get me a pension or make me money I'm gonna keep pressing on no matter what. I'm doing what I love and that makes me happy. That's all I can ask for right now.

This album is about life, my journey, past love and longing for love but having walls that are hard to tear down. It's touches on topics like mental health. People battle with things in their heads and some people win and some don't. It's a hard truth but we need to talk about it openly.

I have a mix of country, folk and pop on this album. I find it hard to stick to one genre as I love them all. I hope that there's something for everyone on this album. :)


releases 29 April 2015

All songs written by Jen Miller
Co Produced by Ross Billard and Jen Miller

Lead Vocals – Jen Miller
Back Up Vocals on Say The Words and Looking Back and Let It Go - Chelsea Amber and Ross Billard
Back Up Vocals on Be With You and Painted Heart –Ryan Willigar
Back Up Vocals on Let Me Know – Ross Billard and Bruce Dixon

Acoustic Guitar – Jen Miller except for Painted Heart
Electric Guitar , percussion, keyboards and acoustic leads– Ross Billard
Bass – Bruce Dixon on Say The Words, Till Death Do Us Part, Be With You, Country Heart, Let It Go, Painted Heart, Looking Back and Let Me Know
Bass – Lewis “Lefty” Campbell on Can’t No One Bring Me Down, Going To The Country and What I Need
Mandolin – Jen Miller
Drums – “Tubs” MacAvoy
Fiddle – Luke Munroe
Accordion – Joe Skwaeze



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Jen Miller Halifax, Nova Scotia

Jen, originally from NS, found that while living in Vancouver she could go for what she truly loves. Music. After recording her album You and I she was determined to bring it back home to where it all began.
So she hopped on a train, played her way across the country and did an eastern Canadian tour. Now back on the east coast Jen's really making herself know in the musical community.
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Track Name: Country Heart
She puts her housecoat on as she starts a brand new day
And gives thanks to Lord above for the sun on her face
Cause its cold outside and the winter there's been long
But that big yellow ball in the sky's got her singing her song

She's got three grown children and a husband there at home
They retired in the country and they love being on their own
They sit out on the porch in the summer nights and talk
Its been 42 year and when they hold hands they still feel that spark

And love has gotten them this far
And love will take em on home
And they have every thing they could need
Right there in each others arms
A love that's rooted deep
In my mama and daddies country heart

It was 1969 when their eyes first met
They were 16 years of age when their hearts were set
On a life long love that would have its shares of trials
But at the end of the day they would go to bed with a smile


And life goes by so fast
So hold on to something that will last
It might not be easy
It might be hard
But with out love we'd be torn apart
That's why I'm grateful for my mama and daddies country heart